One of the first vodka prototypes was developed in the 11th century by the Persian physician Ar-Razi after he was able to single out ethanol through distillation. In Europe, the first distillation of alcohol-containing liquid was carried out by an Italian monk Valentius. Later, the alchemists of Provence began using the distillation “cube” invented by the Arabs to turn grape must into alcohol. The volatile liquid resulting from process was perceived as the "spirit" of the wine (in Latin “spiritus vini"). In Europe it became known as "aqua vitae" or “water of life”, from which sprang all modern strong drinks: brandy, cognac, whiskey, schnapps and vodka.

In 1386, Genoese emissaries brought aqua vitae to Moscow and presented it to the Russian ruler, Prince Dmitry Donskoy. Russian vodka was born. First production appeared in one of the Moscow monasteries in the late 15th century and rapidly increased since then. By the 18th century vodka attained such high status and popularity in the country that the Russian empress, Catherine the Great, took special interest and granted sole production rights to the nobility, who had the resources to make it into a truly royal drink. Vodka produced by some of these nobles had such high level of quality, that many preferred it even to the famous French cognacs. Russian lords often entertained their guests by showcasing their numerous flavored vodkas, arranging them in alphabetical order before imbibing. This was called “drinking from A to Z”: a guest would start with a shot of Anise flavored vodka, followed by Blueberry, Cherry and so on...

Satisfied with the results, Catherine did not hesitate to present Russian vodka to other European monarchs, including Frederick the Great of Prussia and Gustav III of Sweden. She was also fond of sending this “exotic” drink to many famous writers and scientists with whom she corresponded, including Voltaire, Immanuel Kant, and Goethe, to name a few.

As the word of artisanal vodka spread, its taste, purity won it high international praise and prestige, making it the drink of the nobility in many European countries. The rest is history…

We have thoroughly researched historical texts and old recipes before presenting our customers with the most popular and healthful vodka infusions in history. Our products stand apart from the rest in that we rely on time-tested recipes to infuse our vodka with fresh herbs, berries and other natural ingredients. This allows our drinks to retain most of the taste and smell of the original ingredients, without heat treatment or any other industrial process. Bottoms up!

Smooth vodka
Smooth vodka

The first distilled alcohol, which was based on grapes, was developed in the 11th century in Europe. In the 14th century emissaries from Italy brought this invention to Russia. Without access to grapes, Russians attempted to use grain instead. Thus, Vodka was born. However, grain alcohol required complex purification techniques, which were developed and improved over subsequent centuries, before industrial production took over.
In order to create an exceptionally pure and smooth vodka, we researched these long-forgotten methods. The results you can taste for yourself.
We recommend consuming our handcrafted vodka chilled to fully experience its delicious taste. Find your own way to enjoy it: savor it straight up, on the rocks, or mixed in a zesty cocktail.
Bottoms up!

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Pickle vodka
Pickle vodka
Infused with

fresh cucumbers, garlic, dill and six other  herbs and spices

The idea for Pickled Vodka came from a 19th century book of vodka recipes. The recipe  originated in a small town near the Russian-Polish border.

Cucumbers, dill and garlic are at the core of the recipe, which we enhanced to give the infusion a cool and crisp flavor with fruity floral aroma and spicy tastes.

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Pepper vodka
Pepper vodka
Infused with

four different types of  chili peppers and other natural ingredients

Pepper vodka is one of the most popular Russian infusions. References of it are found all throughout Russian history and literature.  One of the earliest descriptions of this drink is found in a 12th century Russian chronicle. Russian tsars, especially Peter the Great, were big fans of this drink. It was also extremely popular in the Soviet Union, which produced thirteen different types of pepper vodka.

Our pepper vodka is infused with jalapeno, japones, arbol chili and bell peppers, which produce moderate hotness with a delicate smoky taste. At the same time, it has a slightly fruity flavor and a spicy chocolate aroma. A shot of this infusion will pleasantly jolt you.

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Horseradish ginger vodka
Horseradish ginger vodka
Infused with horseradish and ginger and other natural ingridients

Horseradish and ginger vodka is a unique and flavorful infusion that combines the fiery kick of horseradish with the zesty warmth of ginger, resulting in a distinctive and invigorating spirit. The combination of these two ingredients creates a bold and vibrant flavor profile that is sure to awaken your taste buds.

To create this infusion, fresh horseradish and ginger roots are carefully selected and grated to extract their intense flavors. These grated roots are then steeped in high-quality vodka, allowing the alcohol to draw out the essences and aromas of the horseradish and ginger.

After several weeks, vodka becomes infused with the spicy, strong, and slightly sweet flavors of horseradish and the warm, citrusy notes of ginger. The result is a green-hued vodka with a tantalizing aroma and a robust flavor profile.

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Raspberry vodka
Raspberry vodka
Infused with

fresh raspberries

Raspberries possess an amazing aroma, unsurpassed taste, alluring color and intoxicating sweetness that make them an excellent base for drinks.

When the french king Louis XIV visited the castle of Chambord in the late 1600s, he was presented with a  local drink prepared from wild raspberries. The king was so impressed, that he elevated it to the status of a royal liqueur and named it after his castle. This liqueur is popular to this day. Likewise, raspberry vodka infusions have become very popular in Eastern Europe at about the same time. The  raspberry vodka was a staple in Russian households for many centuries, both among the nobility and the simple folk.

Retaining many of the qualities of the berry itself, this spirit will help you experience summertime even in the dead of winter. No wonder raspberry vodka is considered by many to be one of the best vodka infusions in the last three hundred years.

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Cranberry vodka
Cranberry vodka

with fresh cranberries

Cranberry vodka is one of the most popular and well-known vodka infusions in the world, and for good reason: cranberry taste is intoxicatingly bittersweet, transforming regular vodka into a sophisticated and refreshing drink.

Cranberries have been part of the human diet for millennia. Wampanoag People across southeastern Massachusetts have enjoyed the annual harvest of wild cranberries for 12,000 years.
Despite such a long history, the idea to combine cranberries with vodka appeared rather late. Cranberry growers in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, dreamed up the famous cranberry-vodka cocktail “Cape Codder” in the 1940s. This was followed by many variations, including the well-known “Cosmopolitan”.

We strive to improve on these drinks by harnessing the centuries-old Russian tradition of infusing vodkas. We allow the vodka itself to tease out the aromatic and tart flavors of cranberry. We only use fresh cranberries from the bogs of Southeastern Massachusetts, where the Native Americans originally harvested it. The result is a unique and unadulterated drink, which keeps intact the natural flavors and aromas of the original berry – cranberry in liquid form.

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Cherry vodka
Cherry vodka
Infused with real cherries

Cherry brandies originated in Europe in the 18 th century from recipes created by monks. At about the
same time, cherry-based vodka infusions gained popularity in the Russian Empire and neighboring
countries. Today, dozens of producers focus on producing popular cherry-based liqueurs. However,
cherry-flavored vodka is not as well-known in the West to this day, despite it being enjoyable and easy-
to-drink. We at Herbesco hope to introduce to this amazing drink to the western liquor connoisseurs.
Cherries possess an intoxicatingly sweet, yet delicate, taste and aroma, allowing one to feel the warmth
of summer even in the dead of winter. It is no wonder then that cherries have been used for ages in
jams, preserves, juices, and simply dried. We hope to bring the summer glow to you with Herbesco’s
original Cherry Infusion, based on the original Russian “Vishnevka” first sold in the seat of the czars, the
Moscow Kremlin.

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Pure grain alcohol
Pure grain alcohol
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Coconut vodka
Coconut vodka
Infused with natural coconuts and vanilla beams.

Indulge in the artistry of our handmade Coconut Vodka, expertly crafted using natural coconuts and vanilla beans. Ripe coconuts are carefully selected for their rich flavor, and aromatic vanilla beans are added to infuse warmth. Each sip offers an inviting coconut aroma followed by a velvety texture. Enjoy it neat, over ice, or in creative tropical cocktails - a true embodiment of paradise.

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